This red-eyed tree frog was hanging out in our bathroom one afternoon!

Costa Rica is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, over 4% of all known plants and animals can be found in this tiny country’s national parks and wildlife refuges. You can also find many of them right here on our property! Here are some of the beautiful creatures you might run into while you’re staying with us, you can also check out our sloth gallery below!

The green and black poison dart frog is common here on the Caribbean coast, they are especially easy to spot when there’s been lots of rain. Look for them in the leaf litter along the edge of the beach and in the rainforest, or even right here in our own garden!
If you spend some time out on the balcony or in the garden you’re bound to see some blue morphos flying around, one of the most beautiful and emblematic of all Costa Rican rainforest species!
This juvenile great black hawk was born to a mated pair that live near our property, it was amazing to watch it grow and learn to hunt!
The Central American agouti, known as the cherenga or guatusa in local lingo, is a commonly seen critter in the rainforests of Costa Rica and can be found on the forest floor searching for seeds and fruit. Their role as seed dispersers plays an important part in the health of our forests, we are ever so grateful for these little guys! It’s always so much fun to see them on our property, this fellow made himself right at home!
These devoted euphonia parents have been nesting on our property for several years now!


We never get tired of seeing the sloths hanging around! These slow-moving, iconic Costa Rican mammals are frequent visitors to our property, the photos and videos you see below were taken right here at Hidden Jungle Beach House!