Welcome to our kitchen, the heart of any home and our favorite room in the house! We have a large, well-equipped kitchen with coffee and tea available at all times. There are two refrigerators and plenty of space and appliances for cooking meals. The kitchen is always available for guest use.

Even if the house is full there is still plenty of space for privacy and relaxation here at Hidden Jungle Beach House. Indulge yourself with an afternoon of peace and tranquility in one of our hammocks, take in the jungle views from our second floor balcony with a cup of coffee in the morning. If you’re working from home there are lots of workspaces around the house. The internet signal is strong and reaches all throughout the house, including outside. We take pride in our garden and there are plenty of outdoor seating areas to admire the birds and butterflies that will be passing through!

CLICK HERE or WhatsApp +506-8310-5061 to check for availability!