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Flying to Puerto Viejo With Sansa


The fastest way to get to Puerto Viejo is to fly to Limon and then take a taxi down, it’s also the most expensive. Sansa currently has three flights per day from San Jose to Limon, you can visit their website HERE. The direct flight takes 40 minutes from San Jose, you would then take a taxi down to Puerto Viejo, a little over an hour away. The plane ticket costs between $110-$140 US dollars, the taxi is between $50-$60 US dollars. Caribe Shuttle has service from the Limon airport to Puerto Viejo for about $30 US dollars per person, you can visit their website HERE. You could also take the bus from the airport down to Puerto Viejo, there’s a stop across the street from the airport and the ticket is about $5 US dollars. Taking the bus would add some time to your trip, depending on what time you arrive you may have to wait up to an hour for the bus to arrive, it also takes longer than a taxi or shuttle due to all the stops it makes along the way.

Sansa has small commuter planes and there are limits to how much luggage you can bring. That can be a drawback if you are traveling with lots of luggage, which we don’t recommend anyway. Always make sure to check the weight limits and number of bags you can bring before booking your ticket. Sansa has service between most of the popular destinations in Costa Rica and it’s much faster than taking the bus or a shuttle. Flying with Sansa is a great transportation option to Puerto Viejo if you’re short on time or don’t want to make the journey overland. The view of the Caribbean as you’re flying over Limon is spectacular!

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