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Taking the Shuttle to Puerto Viejo


Taking a shared shuttle to Puerto Viejo is just the right combination of convenience and affordability. It’s really easy to get here with the shuttle, they will pick you up at your location and drop you off right here at our front gate at Hidden Jungle Beach House!

Interbus and Caribe Shuttle are the two best and most reliable shuttle companies in Costa Rica, they are the only two shuttle companies that I can recommend with confidence to our guests. We’ve had reliability issues with other shuttle companies including late pick-ups of an hour or more, sometimes not showing up at all. We had some guests use a shuttle company once whose van broke down and they left our guests and the other passengers stranded on the side of the road, offering no assistance at all in getting everyone to their destinations! Interbus and Caribe Shuttle have proven to be timely, professional, and reliable, they both have a fleet of vans and drivers so if there is trouble with a vehicle they will send another to complete the trip. Interbus and Caribe Shuttle have service between the most popular destinations in Costa Rica and they offer airport service as well. They both have similar schedules and the same great service, Caribe Shuttle is a little more affordable and also offers wifi during the trip!

Click HERE to visit Caribe Shuttle’s website

Click HERE to visit Interbus’s website

The shuttle companies can drop you off at the airport but they cannot pick you up directly at the airport, private transportation companies are not allowed to enter the arrivals area at Juan Santamaria International Airport. For airport pick-ups they will come get you at the Denny’s that is closest to the airport, just tell one of the official orange airport taxis that you are going to Denny’s for a shuttle pick-up, they will know where to take you. The price will be about $5-6 US dollars. We recommend to ONLY take an official orange airport taxi from right outside the exit of the terminal, do not leave the airport to get into any other taxi. You could also take an Uber, you have to go upstairs to the departing passenger drop-off area because Ubers are not allowed to enter the arrivals area. Make sure to request a ride to the Denny’s that is closest to the airport, the price will be about $3-4 US dollars. The last shuttle to Puerto Viejo leaves San Jose at 2PM so if your flight arrives later in the day you will have to spend the night in San Jose. The first shuttle to Puerto Viejo leaves at 6 AM.

The shuttle prices from the San Jose area to Puerto Viejo are between $65-$75 US dollars and they will pick you up or drop you off right at our front gate here at Hidden Jungle Beach House. The shuttle companies only pick-up and drop-off at registered hotels in Costa Rica so if you are staying at an Airbnb or other type of unregistered accommodation you will need to schedule your pick-up for the closest hotel. If your accommodation is not on the shuttle company’s approved list it’s best to ask your host where the closest shuttle pick-up/drop-off location would be. The trip takes between 5-7 hours depending on traffic, roadwork, and weather conditions. It will be a comfortable and air-conditioned ride, I recommend to bring a sweater! They will make a stop for lunch and the bathroom, if the trip is taking a long time and you need another bathroom break the driver will stop for you, one of the benefits of taking the shuttle instead of the bus!

Interbus or Caribe Shuttle are both excellent options for your transportation to and from Puerto Viejo. With service between all the most popular destinatons they make traveling around Costa Rica easy and stress-free, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the view!

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